November 11, 2011

Real or imaginary?

I always have questions going on in my head about the yaoi I read. For instance, there are some that clearly depict sex acts, with full on genitalia, some with creative angles in order to tastefully hide them, and then there are some that just "blur" it... (Level C! Invisible penis!). Sometimes the blurring is pointless, since we have outlines, fluids depicted, hands and fingers defining it...

So, it makes me wonder. Are there some yaoi mangaka who are just being help back by Japanese decency and censorship laws? But then, if that's the case, how come others are able to go all out? Does it depend upon the magazine that initially publishes it? I also believe that sometimes it is the mangaka who does not want to draw it, but does not want to leave it out, either because of personal discomfort or because of lack of confidence drawing realistic penises. Remember, MOST yaoi mangaka are women, so these are both plausible possibilities.

What do you think?

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